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Montana National & World Champions
Montana National & World Champions
This is a list of Montana natives and residents that have won a National or World Handball title. It is not necessarily complete, as I scanned the list of National Champions and identified ones I knew to be from Montana, but I may have missed some and I may not have known some. I couldn't find result from World Championships, but knew of three winners. Please let me know if you see any ommissions or corrections. Italics indicates doubles partner not from Montana. Thanks.

Montana Handball - National and World Champions
Year Player/Team Division Tournament
1953 Bob Brady Open National 4-Wall
1958 Bob Brady/John Sloan Open National 3-Wall
1968 Bob Brady/Bob McGuire 40+ National 4-Wall
1970 Bob Brady/Bill Keays 40+ National 4-Wall
1973 Bill Peoples Open National Collegiate
1973 University of Montana Team National Collegiate
1975 Bill Peoples Open National Collegiate
1984 Fred Chapman/Lew Morales 50+ National Masters
1986 Paul Wachholz 50+ Worlds
1992 Bill Peoples 40+ National Masters
1993 Bill Peoples/Robin Peters 40+ National Masters
1995 Bill Peoples/Skip McDowell 40+ National Masters
1995 Fred Chapman/Skip McDowell 50+ National 4-Wall
1996 Bill Peoples/Skip McDowell 45+ National Masters
1996 Steve Stanisich/Matt Murphy 35+ National Masters
1996 Justin Balkenbush Open National 4-Wall
1997 Bill Peoples/Skip McDowell 45+ National Masters
1997 Bill Peoples/Jim Ward 45+ National 4-Wall
1998 Jeff Jamison/John Harris 40+ National 4-Wall
1998 Bill Peoples/Robin Peters 45+ National Masters
1999 Bill Peoples/Jim Ward 45+ National 4-Wall
2005 Fred Chapman 70+ National 4-Wall
2006 Mike Spotorno 35+ Worlds
2006 Robin Peters/Rick Harrington 55+ National Masters
2007 Fred Chapman/Kavon DelGrande 70+ National Masters
2010 Todd Timboe/David Chapman 35+ National Masters
2010 Dan Scilley 60+ National 4-Wall
2011 Dan Scilley 65+ National Masters
2012 Fred Chapman 75+ National 4-Wall
2012 Dan Scilley 65+ Worlds
2014 Tom Morris 70+ National 4-Wall