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2012 City Singles
2012 City Singles
Brett Badovinac defeated Mike Hitchcock 21-7, 21-6 to win his first City Singles Championship. Badovinac swept all the local tournaments this season winning the Fall Back Tournament, City Masters, City Doubles and now the City Singles. Leif Cox defeated Eric Howe 21-6, 21-20 to win the consolation division.
Marcus Madrazo won the City Junior title by going undefeated in the round robin format. Blake Casagranda finished in second place.
First Round – Chris McVeigh d. John Winston; Mike Hitchcock d. Leif Cox; Frankie Shields d. Conor Salo; Dan Bersanti d. Steven Salo; Neil Bolton d. Eric Howe; Scott Salo d. Tom Madrazo; Brett Badovinac d. Tom Joyce
Quarterfinals  – Chris McVeigh d. Don Foley 5,16; Mike Hitchcock d. Frankie Shields; Dan Bersanti d. Neil Bolton; Brett Badovinac d. Scott Salo
Semifinals –Hitchcock d. McVeigh 20,(13),16; Badovinac d. Bersanti 4,19
Finals – Badovinac d. Hitchcock 7,6
Consolation Semifinals – Cox d. Winston; Howe d. Steven Salo 17,(17),15
Consolation Finals – Cox d. Howe 6,20
Junior Division (Round Robin) – Marcus Madrazo d. Jason Car 21-3,21-10; Blake Casagranda d. Josh Ericson 21-19,12-21,11-7;Madrazo d. Casagranda 21-13,21-16; Ericson d. Carr 21-20,13-21,11-8; Madrazo d. Ericson 21-20,21-6; Casagranda d. Car 21-15,20-21,11-4.