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2014 City Doubles
2014 City Doubles
March 10, 2014

Brett Badovinac and Don Foley won the Butte City Doubles Handball Championships Monday night at the Elks defeating Dan Bersanti and Tom Madrazo 21-11, 21-15. It is the third consecutive year Badovinac and Foley teamed to win the City Doubles and the sixth year in a row that Badovinac played on the winning team.
Badovinac and Foley defeated Scott Salo and Jim Anderson in one semifinal while Bersanti and Madrazo defeated Frankie Shields and Mike Hitchock in the other.

First Round: Skyler Criscuolo and Dawson Huff d. Kevin L’Heaureux and Eric Bahr

Quarterfinals: Brett Badovinac and Don Foley d. Criscuolo and Huff, Scott Salo and Jim Anderson d. Ron Hasquet and Bill Joyce, Dan Bersanti and Tom Madrazo d. Cole Salo and Dave Starcevich; Frankie Shields and Mike Hitchcock d. Blake Cassagranda and Marcus Madrazo

Semifinals: Badovinac and Foley d. Salo and Anderson, Bersanti and Madrazo d. Shields and Hitchcock

: Badovinac and Foley d. Bersanti and Madrazo 21-11, 21-15