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2011 Fall Back
2011 Fall Back

Brett Badovinac defeated Chris McVeigh 21-10, 21-5 to defend his title in the Fall Back Handball Tournament at the Elks on Wednesday. Frankie Shields defeated Dan Bersanti 21-13, 21-12 for third place. Conor Salo defeated Marcus Madrazo 21-11, 21-20 to win the B division. Complete results:


First Round: Rocko Mulcahy d. Mark Moodry, Justin Sullivan d. Marcus Madrazo, Phil Keating d. Gary Chatriand, Ryan Murphy d. Conor Salo

Second Round: Brett Badovinac d. Rocko Mulcahy, Bill Joyce d. Eric Howe, Don Foley d. Leif Cox, Frankie Shields d. Justin Sullivan, Dan Bersanti d. Phil Keating, Scott Salo d. John Winston, Tom Madrazo d. Stephen Salo, Chris McVeigh d. Ryan Murphy

Quarterfinals: Badovinac d. Joyce, Shields d. Foley 21-9, 21-15, Bersanti d. Salo, McVeigh d. Madrazo

Semifinals: Badovinac d. Shields, 14-21, 21-9, 11-8, McVeigh d. Bersanti 21-18, 21-19

Third: Shields d. Bersanti 21-13, 21-12

Finals: Badovinac d. McVeigh 21-10, 21-5

A Consolation Division

Quarterfinals: Howe d. Mulcahy, Cox d. Sullivan, Winston d. Keating, Stephen Salo d. Murphy

Semifinals: Cox d. Howe, Salo d. Winston

Finals: Cox d. Salo

B Consolation Division

Semifinals: Madrazo d. Moodry; Conor Salo d. Chatriand

Finals: Salo d. Madrazo 21-11, 21-20