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2013 State Singles
2013 State Singles
Montana State Singles - Missoula, April 5-7, 2013
Chance Wachholtz defeated defending champion Andy Tucknott 11-21, 21-12, 11-10 in a thrilling open final to win his second Montana Open Singles Championship. The tournament was dedicated to 15 time champion Bill Peoples who passed away last fall. A ceremony was held Saturday before the semifinal matches to honor Peoples who is one of Montana’s all-time greats and was an excellent ambassador for the game. Other winners were Moe Johnson in the Masters, Dave Montelius in the Golden Masters, Dan Scilley in the Super Golden Masters, Larry White in the Diamond Masters, Frankie Shields in the A Division and Devin Khourey in the B Division. Complete results:
First Round – Cole Salo, Butte d. Joe Urbani, Bozeman; Frank Shields, Butte d. Nathan Guza, Missoula; Moe Johnson, Missoula d. Dave Starcevich, Butte; Jared Wierson, Missoula d. Nick White, Bozeman
Quarterfinals – Andy Tucknott, Missoula d. Salo; T.J. Stender, Sheridan, WY d. Shields; Chance Wachholtz, Kalispell d. Johnson; Pete Svennugnsen, Spokane d. Wierson
Semifinals – Tucknott d. Stender; Wachholtz d. Svennungsen
Third – Svennungsend d. Stender, forfeit
Final – Wachholtz d. Tucknott 11-21, 21-12, 11-10
Masters (40+)
Quarterfinals – Randy (Red Death) Jolliffe, Missoula d. Brad Chumura, Missoula; Don Foley, Butte d. Devin Khourey, Missoula; Moe Johnson, Missoula d. Nick White, Bozeman
Semifinals – Brett Badovinac, Butte d. Jolliffe; Johnson d. Foley
Third – Foley d. Jolliffe
Final – Johnson d. Badovinac
Masters Consolation
Semifinals – Khourey d. White
Final – Khourey d. Chumura
Golden Masters (50+)
First Round – Don Schmidt, Missoula d. Mike Starcevich, Powell, WY
Quarterfinals – Schmidt d. Dan Bersanti, Butte; Dave Montelius, Missoula d. Sam Baldridge, Whitefish; Mike Barragan, Lakeside d. Jay Stender, Sheridan, WY; Tom Madrazo, Butte d. Robin Peters, Missoula;
Semifinals – Montelius d. Schmidt; Barragan d. Madrazo
Third – Schmidt d. Madrazo
Finals – Montelius d. Barragan, injury default
Golden Consolation
Quarterfinals – Bersanti d. Starcevich
Semifinals – Bersanti d. Baldridge; Peters d. Stender
Finals – Bersanti d. Peters
Super Golden Masters (60+)
First Round – Steve Birrell, Bozeman d. Phil Kulbeck
Quarterfinals – Dan Scilley, Luther d.Birrell; Mike Meyer, Billings d. Frank Cikan, Bozeman; Rock Svennungsen, Shelby d. Dick Fox, Billings; John Larsen, Helena d. Roger Lewis, Missoula
Semifinals – Scilley d. Meyer, Larsen d. Svennungsen
Third – Meyer d. Svennungsen
Finals – Scilley d. Larsen
Super Consolation
Semifinals – Kulbeck d. Cikan; Fox d. Lewis
Final – Fox d. Kulbeck
Diamond Masters (70+)
Quarterfinals – Dan Ferriter, Missoula d. Jay Jewett, Great Falls; Larry White, Missoula d. Bob Gensemer, Stevensville
Semifinals – Ferriter d. Wally Page, Florence; White d. Paul Polzin, Missoula
Third – Polzin d. Page
Final – White d. Ferriter
Diamond Consolation
Quarterfinals – Jewett d. Page
Finals – Jewett d. Gensemer
A Division
Quarterfinals – Cole Salo, Butte d. Dave Starcevich, Butte; Frank Shields, Butte d. Nick White, Bozeman; Moe Johnson, Missoula d. Joe Urbani, Bozeman; Jared Weirson, Missoula d. Nathan Guza, Missoula
Semifinals – Shields d. Salo; Johnson d. Weirson
Final – Shields d. Johnson
B Division
Quarterfinals – Brandon Penrose, Sheridan, WY d. Eric Schmidt, Missoula; Chris Riley, Missoula d. Sean Shields, Butte; Devin Khourey, Missoula d. Ellie Fitzpatrick, Missoula
Semifinals – Penrose d. Marcus Madrazo, Butte; Khourey d. Riley
Finals – Khourey d. Penrose
B Consolation
Semifinals – Madrazo d. Schmidt; Shields d. Fitzpatrick
Finals – Madrazo d. Shields