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2014 Red Death
2014 Red Death
If you want to play handball and are not particularly in need of referees and trophies, Missoula, Montana is the place and the Red Death is the tournament. More than 80 players from Montana, Idaho, Washington and British Columbia converged on the Peak Racquet Club for a weekend of sweat, beer and a plain good time. The unique doubles format allowed 32 teams from all age groups to compete together.
The 14th annual (not necessarily consecutive) Red Death Handball tournament was held January 24-26, 2014. 
Open Singles
1.       Jeremy Morton (BOZ)
2.       Jay Balkenbush (GEG)
Cons. Jared Wieson (MSO)
40 singles
1.       Less Seago (BOZ)
2.       Alex Fox (BIL)
      Cons. Todd Williamson (BOZ)
50 Singles
1.       Kirk Johnson (MSO)
2.       Dan Scilley (BIL)
Cons. Jeff Armstrong (BIL)
60 Singles
1.       Mike Meyer (BIL)
2.       Frank Cikan (BOZ)
Cons. Brian Cohoe (BC)
70 Singles
1.       Larry White (MSO)
2.       Paul Polzin (MSO)
Cons. Walley Pate (MSO)
B Singles
1.       Marcus Madrozo (BUT)
2.       Nic Pax (Pocatello)
Cons. Nathan Rodrigues (Pocatello)
Open Doubles
1.       Pete Svennungsun (GEG)- Jay Balkenbush (GEG)
2.       Rick Edwards (CDA)- Chuck Gauss (CDA)
Cons. Mike Meyer (BIL)-Jeff Armstrong (BIL)
Not So Open Doubles
1.       Doug Davis (MSO)-Kirk Johnson (MSO)
2.       Red Death (MSO)- Jared Wierson (MSO)
Cons. Alex Fox (BIL)-Dick Fox (BIL)
Certainly Not Open Doubles
1.       Cole Salo (BUT)-Todd Williamson (BUT)
2.       Greg Pearce (Pullman)-Doug Poulson (GEG)
Cons. Nathan Guza (MSO)-Eric Aschim (MSO)
Never Was and Never Will Be Open Doubles
1.       Nick White (BOZ)-Don Schmidt (MSO)
2.       Sandy Gagnon (BOZ)-Matt Gagnon (BOZ)
Cons. Lou Chinske (MSO)-Rick Billstein (MSO)