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2014 Ryan/Bersanti Memorial
2014 Ryan/Bersanti Memorial

December 7, 2014

Brett Badovinac of Butte won his third open title in the Bill Ryan and Al Bersanti Memorial Handball Tournament at the Elks. Badovinac defeated Frankie Shields, also of Butte, 21-10, 21-7 in the final. Sandy Gagnon of Bozeman defeated Andy White of Bozeman in the B/Diamond Masters combined division. Complete results (players from Butte unless noted):



First Round: Nick White, Bozeman d. Tom Madrazo; Don Foley d. Blake Cassagranda; Carson Taysom, Pocatello d. Marcus Madrazo; Rock Svennungsen, Shelby d. Scott Salo

Quarterfinals: Brett Badovinac d. Nick White; Don Foley d. Dan Bersanti; Frankie Shields d. Carson Taysom; Rich Hawe d. Rock Svennungsen 21-17, 21-8

Semifinals: Badovinac d. Foley 21-16, 19-21, 11-3; Shields d. Hawe

Third: Hawe d. Foley 16-21, 21-8, 11-10

Final: Badovinac d. Shields 21-10, 21-4


Open Consolation

Semifinals: Bersanti d. White, Tysom d. Svennungsen

Third: Svennungsen d. White

Final: Tysom d. Bersanti


A Division (round robin)

Tom Madrazo d. Blake Cassagranda; Scott Salo d. Marcus Madrazo; Cassagranda d. Marcus Madrazo; Salo d. Tom Madrazo; Salo d. Cassagranda; Tom Madrazo d. Marcus Madrazo

1st Salo 3-0

2nd Tom Madrzao 2-1


B/Diamond Masters Division

Quarterfinals: Andy White, Bozeman d. Skyler Criscoulo 21-14, 21-20; Dawson Huff d. Gary Chatriand; Sandy Gagnon, Bozeman d. Wally Page, Florence 21-14, 21-10

Semifinals: Andy White d. Sean Shields 21-6, 21-14; Sandy Gagnon d. Dawson Huff 21-7, 21-4

Third: Huff d. Shields

Final: Gagnon d. White 21-19, 21-12

C Division (round robin)

Wally Page d. Gary Chatriand; Skyler Criscoulo d. Gary Chatriand; Skyler Criscoulo d. Wally Page

1st Criscoulo 2-0

2nd Wally Page 1-1