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2016 Red Death

Red Death Handball - January 31, 2016

The 15th Annual (more or less) Red Death handball tournament was held in Missoula on the weekend before the Super Bowl 50.  About 92 (we are not really sure) entrants from Montana, Idaho, Washington, North Dakota and Alberta came together for a weekend of handball.

Continuing the tradition of this tournament, the final outcomes were not as important as everybody having as much handball as they could take.  An injury would not eliminate a doubles team.  Somebody else would jump in and the match would continue.  Almost everybody went both ways, which led to a scheduling nightmare but no real complaints.  Also, continuing the tradition, there were no arrests on the evenings after the tournament—but a couple of close calls.

The sponsorship of the Alten Trust of Oregon enabled six high school and college students  to participate at no cost to themselves.

Open Singles

1.       Montijo (Tuscon)

2.       Bemis (Calgary)

Cons. Svennungsen (GEG)

B Singles

1.       Schmidt (Bozeman)

2.       Sorenson (Pocatello)

40s Singles

1.       Murphy (Spokane)

2.       Foley (Butte)

Cons. Lopez (Pocatello)

50s Singles

1.       Hitchcock (Butte)

2.       Johnson (Missoula)

Cons. Paz (Pocatello)

60s Sing;es

1.       Spooner (Fargo)

2.       Meyer (Billings)

Cons Davis (Missoula)

70s Singles

1.       Morris (Billings)

2.       Warren (Bozeman)

Cons.  Polzin (Missoula)

Open Doubles

1.       Balkenbush-Svennungsen (Spokane)

2.        Montijo-Sandau (Tuscon-Missoula)

Cons. Bell-Lopez (Reno-Pocatello)

Not So Open Doubles

1.       Armstrong- Aschim (Billings-Missoula)

2.       Pearce- Paulson (Palouse-Walla Walla)

Cons. Red Death-Fox (Missoula-Billings)

Never Was and Never Will Be Open Doubles

1.       Lopez – Bosch (Pocatello)

2.       Chinske-Billstein (Missoula)

Cons. Holman-Gensemer (Missoula)