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2014 State Doubles
2014 State Doubles
Missoula – March 16, 2014
Kalispell’s Chance Wachholz claimed his second straight open title at the Montana State Doubles in Missoula on Sunday, this year with a new partner. He teamed with Eric Plummer of Idaho to win the title with a victory over Missoula’s Steve Maier and Jared Wierson.
Dan Scilley and Mike Meyer won both the Golden Masters and Super Golden Masters titles for the second year in a row. Other winners were Brett Badovinac and Don Foley in the Masters, Tom Morris and Russ Whitten in the Diamond Masters, Eric Aschim and Jason Hedahl in the B division, and Cole and Conor Salo in A division.
Quarterfinals: Alex Fox, Bozeman and Les Seago, Emigrant d. Cole Salo, Butte and Conor Salo, Glendive; Steve Maier, Missoula and Jared Wierson, Missoula d. Marty Gagnon, Bozeman and Matt Gagnon, Bozeman
Semifinals: Chance Wachholz, Kalispell and Eric Plummer, Idaho d. Fox and Seago; Maier and Wierson d. TJ Stender, Sheridan, WY and Brian Penrose, Sheridan, WY;
Finals: Wachholz and Plummer d. Maier and Wierson 21-5, 21-11
Masters 40+
Quarterfinals: Brett Badovinac, Butte and Don Foley, Butte d. Nick White, Bozeman and Marty Gagnon, Bozeman; Sean Sandau, Missoula and Dave Montelius, Missoula d. Will Brook, Bozeman and Eric How, Divide
Semifinals: Badovinac and Foley d. Steve Maier, Missoula and Robin Peters, Missoula 21-9, 20-21, 11-5; Les Seago, Emigrant and Alex Fox, Bozeman d. Sandau and Montelius
Finals: Badovinac and Foley d. Seago and Fox 21-20, 21-11
Golden Masters 50+
First Round: Scott Salo, Butte and Jim Anderson, Butte d. Nick White, Bozeman and Eric Howe, Divide; Don Schmidt, Missoula and Dave Montelius, Missoula d. Carl Warren, Bozemen and Will Brook, Bozeman
Quarterfinals: Dan Scilley, Luther and Mike Meyer, Billing d. Salo and Anderson; Mike Hitchcock, Butte and Jay Stender, Sheridan, WY d. Tom Sullivan, Missoula and Davis; Frank Cikan, Bozeman and Kirk Johnson, Missoula d. Dan Bersanti, Butte and Tom Madrazo, Butte; Schmidt and Montelius d. Craid Canfield, Billings and John Larson, East Helena
Semifinals: Scilley and Meyer d. Hitchcock and Stender; Schmidt and Montelius d. Cikan and Johnson
Third: Cikan and Johnson d. Hitchcock and Stender
Finals: Scilley and Meyer d. Schmidt and Mondelius 21-8, 21-11
Super Golden 60+
Quarterfinals: Paulson, Idaho and Wilson, Idaho d. Carl Warren, Bozeman and Sandy Gagnon, Bozeman;
Semifinals: Dan Scilley, Luther and Mike Meyer, Billing d. Fred Chapman, Missoula and Frank Cikan, Bozeman; Rick Harrington, Missoula and Robin Peters, Missoula d. Paulson and Wilson
Finals: Scilley and Meyer d. Harrington and Peters 21-5, 21-8
Diamond 70+
Round Robin: Tom Morris, Billings and Russ Whitten, Red Lodge d. Wally Page, Florence and Sandy Gagnon, Bozeman 21-12, 21-10; Fred Chapman, Missoula and Louie Chinske, Missoula d. Paul Polzin, Missoula and Dan Ferriter, Missoula 21-8, 21-18; Morris and Whitten d. Tom Lewis and Bob Gensemer, Stevensville 21-6, 21-5; Page and Gagnon d. Chapman and Chinske 21-8, 21-11; Page and Gagnon d. Polzin and Ferriter 21-20, 21-11; Morris and Whitten d. Chapman and Chinske 21-10, 21-5; Pozin and Ferriter d. Lewis and Gensemer 21-8, 21-9; Morris and Whitten d. Polzin and Ferriter 21-12, 21-8; Page and Gagnon d. Lewis and Gensemer; Chapman and Chinske d. Lewis and Gensemer
1st – Morris and Whitten
2nd – Page and Gagnon
3rd – Chapman and Chinske
B Division
Round Robin: Eric Aschim, Missoula and Jason Hedahl, Missoula d. Larry White, Missoula and Colin Stener 21-16, 21-20; Chris Riley and Aaron Cook d. Chris Poloynis and Lauren Wilcox 21-5, 21-10; White and Stener d. Poloynis and Wilcox 21-3, 21-6; Aschim and Hedahl d. Riley and Cook 21-10, 21-8; White and Stener d. Riley and Cook 21-11, 21-13; Aschim and Hedahl d. Poloynis and Wilcox 21-1, 21-7
1st – Aschim and Hedahl
2nd – White and Stener
3rd – Riley and Cook
Open Consolation (A)
Round Robin: Stender and Penrose d. Gagnon and Gagnon; Salo and Salo d. Stender and Penrose; Salo and Salo d. Gagnon and Gagnon
1st – Salo and Salo
Masters 40+ Consolation
White and Gagnon d. Brook and Howe
Golden 50+ Consolation
Quarterfinals: Canfield and Larson d. White and Howe; Salo and Anderson d. Warren and Brook
Semifinals: Canfield and Larson d. Sullivan and Davis; Bersanti and Madrazo d. Salo and Anderson
Finals: Canfield and Larson d. Bersanti and Madrazo
Super 60+ Consolation
Chapman and Cikan d. Warren and Gagnon